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What racehorse ownership options are available?

Our friendly, knowledgable team can guide you through the different racehorse ownership options available so that you can make the right choice.  


Whether you are looking to dip your toe in the water and join an Owners Group or want to join a more exclusive Partnership with two or three other people or whether you want to own your own racehorse outright, we are here to help you realise your dreams!

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Sole Ownership


As the name suggests, if you go for this option you and you alone will be the sole owner of the racehorse.  The benefits of this arrangement are:

  • If you are buying a yearling, the excitement of accompanying us to the sales where a short-list of potential horses will have been researched and earmarked for you by the trainer.

  • Alternatively we often have yearlings, 2yos and more established horses available.

  • Naming your horse and choosing the colours he/she will run in.

  • Complimentary Owners' Badges and access to exclusive Owner and Trainer areas at the races.

  • Racing mementos and prize money when your horse wins or is placed.

  • Not only can you visit the yard to see your horse as often as you like, but if you want you can also get involved with discussions about where and when your horse races.

  • Sponsorship opportunities.

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This is a great way to enjoy racehorse ownership with a group of friends, family or work colleagues.  Generally partnerships are made up of third, quarter or half shares so you still get a very personal ownership experience.  


Many of our owners have bought a share in a horse and then become great friends with the other owners in the partnership.

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Owners' Groups

If you've never owned a racehorse or are looking for an affordable ownership option then becoming a member of an owners group is a brilliant choice.


Typically our owners groups have less than 20 owners so you still feel involved and welcomed.  

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Company Ownership

If you would like to promote your business we can help you organise Company Ownership of a racehorse.  In addition to the benefits of Sole Ownership you also:

  • Have an ideal platform to promote your company's name and logo, building your brand.

  • Take advantage of tax breaks.

  • Why not offer your key team members or employee of the month a lovely day out racing as a bonus?  This could be a great addition to your staff incentive scheme.

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